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What is a Parade Home?

A Parade home is exactly what you have come to expect for the last 70 years. A new home built and finished just in time to be showcased in the Parade of Homes. Sometimes these homes are for sale, often they have been built with an owner in mind. Either way, come enjoy the unique and fun ideas that come from visiting this year’s parade.

Can I purchase Parade Tickets at any of the homes in the Parade?

This year there are a number of easy ways of getting tickets. You can purchase them on our website or at any of the parade homes. You can also pick up discount coupons at all Big O Tire Utah locations.

What are the ticket prices?

  • $20: At the door of each Parade Home.
  • $20 online. Look for discount codes to save additional money!

How much is admission for children?

  • Children 3 yrs and under are free.
  • 4 yrs and older require a regular admissions ticket.

How do I redeem my tickets purchased online?

  1. After purchasing tickets online, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address entered in when the purchase was made.
  2. Check the “junk mailbox” or “spam” if there is not a confirmation in the regular inbox.
  3. Bring your printed ticket or digital ticket (confirmation email) to each home you want to attend to redeem and check in at that home.

What Parade App can I download on my smart phone?

The app to download for androids and iPhones is “Salt Lake Home Builders Association”. You can also search for “Salt Lake Parade of Homes.” The SLHBA app allows you to view images and detailed information of the home, get turn-by-turn directions, rate the homes and even comment on them! You can even save a digital copy of your ticket to your smart phone using this app. When you open the app a list of the homes in our Parade will appear. You can view detailed information and a map of the homes by simply tapping on the image.

Where can I get a map for the homes?

  • You can view a map of the Parade Homes by clicking the “Map” tab in the bar located at the top of the page.
  • You can also view the map by clicking the icon “Map of Homes” located on the home page just below the slideshow.

How long is the Parade of Homes ticket good for?

A Parade ticket is valid for the duration of the Parade, until 9 pm on August 17th.

Where can I view the addresses of the homes?

  • The addresses of each home will be available to view on August 3rd, both online and on the app “Salt Lake Home Builders Association”.
  • The address and map of each home can be found by clicking on any of the home images listed under the tab “View Homes.”
  • The App “Salt Lake Home Builders Association” may be downloaded on smart phones and will provide turn-by-turn directions to each home as well.
  • Each home may provide a magazine for the Parade and includes the addresses and descriptions of each home, along with a large fold-out map.

Is photography allowed in the homes?

Yes, a parade goer is allowed to take photos of the homes they visit. Feel free to share the photos you have taken on our Instagram and Pinterest page!

Can I see the Parade Homes more than once?

Each Parade ticket allows the Parade goer two (2) re-entries. This means you can visit two (2) homes a second time.

What is a Builder Model?

Builder Model home category was an added feature to the parade a couple years ago. There are many great benefits of having these homes in the parades but here are a couple that we like:

  • Builder Model’s often showcase some of the latest trends in design
  • Having the Model home in the Parade lets you shop when the lot is closed. Less of the hard sell, more of the looking.

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